About Droogies - Droogies

A Droogies Original is more than a t-shirt. Each one serves to counter the gaudy, self-righteous pretension that accompanies today’s fashionista – while trying to create a few more smiles along the way.

We champion the cheeky, the irreverent, and the audacious. Where voice is given to alternate beliefs, and the pursuit of individual creativity free from the need to conform to establishment culture. We stand for those who feel more comfortable flowing away from the mainstream, who prefer daring impudence over bland uniformity.

Which is why we see ourselves as an anti-brand, and one that seeks to replace snooty couture with a wry smile and a shameless wink of resistance. We dare to create, to add dangerous to people’s wardrobes, and to celebrate those who themselves dare to wear: the characters, the genuine, and those with the emotional intelligence needed to stand for something different.

Yes we can shock, and many will be determined to take offence. But each Droogies Original is not intended to cause insult. Instead, we’re here to remind the world that it’s been taking itself too seriously for a long, long time now – and starting to believe in its own hype. We’re here to dial up the humour in an increasingly sterile world. And we’re here to help jarr into action many a fellow nonconformist’s inner rebel.

Come dare with us.


Worldwide Shipping

We can reach most places on Earth, even if it turns out to be flat or a holographic projection.


Premium Quality

Our tees are made from recycled dolphins, pigeon guano, and the tears of water-boarded clowns. Probably.


No Hassle Returns

If a Droogies Original is too powerful for you, return it within 14 days for a full refund.


Secure payment

We've locked the server room, and have a retired postman called Geoff standing outside with a baseball bat.