Absolute bounder

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Interested in the Absolute Bounder t-shirt? Of course you are you absolute shower! You know what it’s like to exist in a world of chinless wonders making all the calls. Those inbred toffs who’re so posh it sounds like they’re speaking a different f’ing language!

By wearing this Droogies Original, you can either join them of mock them. There’ll be those Hooray Henrys who’ll think you’re trying your best to get the accent right. Others will simply look down their well-chiselled noses at you for being a common oaf…

And of course you’ll need accessories. A cravat, carnation, and cigarette holder for starters. Then you’re free to wander the streets, greeting strangers with the cry of “hard cheese old boy”, and tipping your hat to ravishing fillies. Ding dong.

Absolute bounder

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