Bladderwrack: Gammon

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‘Gammon: A term used to describe a particular type of Brexit-supporting, Europhobic voter whose meat-faced complexion suggests they are perilously close to a stroke.’ Designed to commemorate the release of a song that’s so right it’s wrong (or maybe the other way around).

A song, cleverly called: Gammon – with an awesome promotional video filmed in the bowels of the former Brexit HQ now turned brothel.

With the Bladderwrack Gammon t-shirt you can revel in celebrating or mocking a turbulent time in the history of the UK, and herald the uprising of a previously muted breed of ham-headed bellowers, or Gammons, that were originally highlighted by Charles Dickens in his 1838 novel Nicholas Nickleby. Carry on.

Bladderwrack: Gammon

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