Bladderwrack: Lefty Scum

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Bladderwrack Lefty Scum t-shirt: If the taste of yoghurt, the gnarled embrace of a tree, freedom of movement and some semblance of human empathy float your immigrant-laden boat, then this is the garment for you.

Inspired by a genuine comment on Bladderwrack’s Christmas Nearly Number One, Please Sir, We Want Some More, this orgasmic offering will mark you as a local legend, and entitle you to remain gloriously unwashed from purchase to eternity.

Some will fear to wear it. Of course they will. But a crack cadre of the infirm, the committed, and the vigilant will scoff at such acts of timid resignation. They will be our Forlorn Hope, and in their wake must we tread!

Bladderwrack: Lefty Scum

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