Bladderwrack: I Can Run Your Country?

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Why own a Bladderwrack Run Your Country t-shirt? Because it’s your civic duty that’s why! Otherwise what: we let the clowns run wild and the kakocracy plunge to even lower depths? Not on our watch.

This design celebrates the rise to power of Boris Johnson. Brought to life in astounding factual detail through the intertwining of contemporary chamber music and jaw-dropping method acting – as witnessed via Bladderwrack’s hit single of the same name.

Remember, there’s a reason people fear clowns. From the village idiot to those right royal bell ends in Downing Street, it’s no coincidence that their smiles need to be painted on. Bladderwrack em’ we say. BLADDERWRACK EM!!!!!!

Bladderwrack: I Can Run Your Country?

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