Keeping It Real

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Achievements matter. Olympic gold medals, Nobel laureates, arriving on time for work: each one deserves to be called out and celebrated. Like those hardy souls who mooch about town wanting the world to know that they’ve ‘been there’ with your mum – and got the Keeping it Real t-shirt to prove it.

We would say ‘fathers’, though this stupendous Droogies Original is way too gender non-binary for that. Plus we simply don’t know your mum’s track record. She may have had legs that spread like frozen butter. Or she may have been a more ‘popular’ girl – meaning a long queue of potential tee wearers.

What’s important is not to judge. Instead we prefer to label. A tee for all the ages, worn by those who keep it real – if not in their pants. Enjoy.

Keeping It Real

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