Lockdown Smackdown

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The Lockdown Smackdown t-shirt is Bladderwrack’s Dickensian outpouring of dismay at the state of the world and the shysters that run it – featuring original artwork from the cover of this seminal work of musical genius.

A limited edition LP of anti-Tory, anti-right wing, anti-twat sentiment with a generous dollop of scathing humour added to the mix, Trump, Farage, BJ, Dominic Cummings and co all fall victim to succinct put downs and well deserved abuse – to a backdrop of punk rock.

Wear the T-shirt, bathe in the catharsis of the LP, show your solidarity with the Dickensian duo, and proclaim your distain for the sorry rabble of cronies clutching at the levers of power….

Lockdown Smackdown

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