Natural 20

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If you’re in the know….well, you kinda just….know…right? Makes perfect sense. That’s why you don’t need this tee explained. Or to be told what to do with a 20-sided dice.

What you really need is to issue life with a ‘crit’ (that’s critical hit for you lay persons out there). Do that and whoever’s blocking your quest – be it the boss, your partner, the tax man, or Greybeard the Halfling –  had better get out of the way pretty damn sharpish.

All of which explains the role of this distinctly superior Natural 20 t-shirt. Wear it and the forces of evil will quiver with fright. They’ll know you’re not to be messed with – and that’s before added modifiers.

Be the legend, walk the path, roll with confidence.

Natural 20

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