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Chuck the Third. Baron Harkonnen of House Windsor. Or, to quote one enlightened being on X: that big-eared, sausage-fingered cunt. Whatever alias he goes by, or emotions he stirs, one thing’s for certain: YOU never voted for him.

Why would you anyway? The idea of a royal family in today’s world is anachronistic to say the least (if you can say it at all). Their only purpose being to represent a moral tuning fork for the nation. A goal made laughable when you have an ‘Andrew’ close by…

So join us in wearing your NotMyKing t-shirt, and show the world you’re not falling for the bullshit. Let kings and queens disappear into the pages of fantasy novels, and let the royal grifters start doing a hard day’s graft from a council estate in Slough. Nuff said.


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