Social Justice


You know the type. Those more radical zealots of the movement spouting ‘social justice’ as a way to make up for their own moral, intellectual, and spiritual vacuum. Bless ‘em, and their willingness to project all that’s wrong with their lives onto the shoulders of others.

The good news is that by wearing the Social Justice Warrior t-shirt you can go deep undercover. Don’t worry, you won’t get found out. Most SJWs don’t really believe all the crap they say. What matters is just repeating the mantra of the moment, and virtue signalling to all and sundry.

OR…you may be an actual SJW. If you are, then well done you! You’ve got chutzpah as well as (most likely) purple hair and a sense of entitlement. What better tee to wear at your next demonstration for feminism, civil rights, or a reduction in police brutality?

It’s about going big – or going home…

Social Justice

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