Surf’s Up

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Hang Ten dudes. In fact Hang Eleven. Hang everything, as long as it’s covered in a level 5 hazmat suit. So get paddling, get amped up, and let’s go seeking a barrel tube – because in fat Boris land, it’s about the only state-sanctioned fun left available.

Not that such news should come as a surprise. In fact like most things now, it should come in waves. Even for the dawn patrol, seeking to get a drop on the next global pandemic – however implausible that all sounds.

So put on your Surf’s Up t-shirt and head for the impact zone to prepare for a late take off. That’s right, we’re using surfing terminology to try and sound like we know what we’re talking about. What matters is that Fat Boris is watching. Time to suit up and prepare for a total wipe out.

Surf’s Up

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