FAQ's - Droogies

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that any visit to Droogies can be a little overwhelming. There’s only so much awesome a person can take right? Guess you may have some questions to…many of which come under the banner of ‘frequently asked’. So here are some frequent answers.

OK so you may have a good reason for trying to pull this fast one. It may even be legit. What it comes down to is the speed by which you get in contact (quoting the invoice number) and detail what’s new.

Typically this needs to happen the same day as the order. We’ll always do what we can to help, but can’t ‘un-print’ a tee if you ask too late. If you contact us in time, we can either cancel the order and issue a full refund or change the nature of your order. If not, and the t-shirt has been crafted, then that’s what you’re getting. Sounds harsh? Well, like many fashion brands today, we print every Droogies Originals to order. That’s just how it is…

Of course if your order arrives and it’s not in perfect condition, then get in touch and we will send out a replacement. Plus you have 14 days to return any Droogies Original if you change your mind, and we’ll issue a full refund. To do that, simply email returns@droogies.co.uk and we’ll send you details of what to do next. You can find out more with our returns policy.

You’ve got some nerve asking that. In fact you’re pretty close to us coming round there and beating you with a rubber hose.

Still, humans like to get creative we suppose, so if there is something ‘special’ you’re thinking of doing get in touch – which can be done at the contact us page.

If only there was an international code for sizing that EVERYBODY stuck too right? We know how it is, when you order a small and it fits like a large etc. – but what can we do to help avoid this?

Well, we’ve tried on all the sizes. They’re what we describe as ‘accurate’. That means essentially that a medium is a proper medium – not a ‘bit large’ medium if you get our drift. For example one of the Chief Droogs who fancies himself as a ‘fit young thing’ can find the medium touching lovingly on his beer belly (we think he needs a large, but heh you can’t teach pork…).

A size chart showing the dimensions is available on every product page. You just may need to scroll down a bit…enlightenment is never far away!

Ultimately, our recommendation is simple: if you’re not sure – order the size above. It doesn’t mean anything. Honest.

Then you dear Sir or Madam is a grade one, certified dumbass. Or you’re just experiencing ‘tech issues’. If banging the computer hard with your hand, swearing at it, or turning it off then on again doesn’t work – just get in contact.

The good news here is that as well as shipping to anywhere in the UK, we can also accommodate just about any other far-flung paradise. Plus the more tees you order, the cheaper the postage costs.

Costs are confirmed at the check out – but for advance warning, see our shipping costs here.

Keep in mind however that due to current medical nonsense we are running limited printing and shipping schedules, but will do our darndest to ship daily during the working week.

Order lead time can be up to 2 weeks, though typically shorter. We could make this shorter, but why would we – a Droogies Original is well worth the wait. So there.

A Droogies can come in a variety of different colours (depending on products/options chosen), and are 100% ringspun cotton. Washing this thing of wonder in cold water will help reduce the potential for shrinkage, while washing inside out could prevent colour bleeding (which happens more with the darker colours).

As for print quality, we use the latest in DTG technology – with a plastisol transfer for the Droogies Original branding.

Each Droogies Original is crafted ‘on-demand’ once your order is received, and once done it cannot be undone. Which basically means once you’ve ordered, we can’t change it to fix a mistake – and we respectfully ask you to make sure you’re ordering the right t-shirt before clicking ‘buy’.

That said, we do offer a no quibble 14 day returns policy.

If you’ve made it this far, we want to reward the effort and make you feel truly appreciated.

You pays your money and you takes your chances right? Not that we’re asking you to rely on hope alone to receive a sparkling Droogies Original. The moment your order is placed our highly trained team of former mental patients will drop what they’re doing and get to work crafting another piece of exquisite art.

Each Droogies Original is formed in the fires of an ancient volcano, and made to order. Once cooled and sprinkled with magic dust, it is packed and shipped within 3 working days of the order’s receipt. Please allow up to 10 days to receive the package, and the obvious envy of your local postman.

If your still waiting anxiously for wonder to drop for your letterbox (not a euphemism) after 10 days, please get in touch with us via the contact form or homing pigeon. We’ll sort it from there.

Please remember: if it’s an Original, it’s worth waiting for.