Chocolate menstrals


The Chocolate Menstrals t-shirt is simply scrumdidlyumptious! In fact it’s so divine you don’t need to worry about Golden Tickets or other such nonsense – just to be seen wearing it will mark you out as a confectionary connoisseur!

As for the design, these Menstrals are one of five secret products developed by a certain Mr Wonka as part of ‘Project Sticky Fingers’. Rumour has it that each was designed to help him impress the lady people. But that’s just rumour…

Field tested on Oompa-Loompas, this Droogies Original is as sweet as a candy cane and daring as the Ever-Throbbing Butt Stopper (another creation of Project Sticky Fingers). Let them stare with envy…

Chocolate menstrals

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