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With the political landscape shifting ever further left, even the most centrist of characters are now being labelled extreme right wingers. Put simply, if you’re not woke to the core, you’re seen as a dangerous subversive ready to march on Poland…

Ask DM. He’s gone from simple spy, doing his mousey bit for king and country – ably supported by the feckless Penfold – to Sturmbannführer Maus. Rather than hunting Baron Silas Greenback, he now offers an upward salute to the toad from a rather dashing panzer.

Think of it as your idol for today’s crazy world. Where the DangerMaus t-shirt is the only thing separating you from the mind-controlled goyim. So wear it as a fledgling member of the master race, as you mousestep down the high street. Oh crickey!


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