Master Procrastinatus

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“Maybe tomorrow. Certainly not today. That’s way too fast. Best cool your jets, wind in that enthusiasm, and take a couple of chill pills”.  So were (allegedly) the last words uttered by the great sage Procrastinatus, mumbled to those of his students who’d bothered to turn up on the day he finally gave in to the big sleep.

Which probably explains why he was shunned by the likes of Plato and Aristophanes. But what did they know right? Any talk of acting in the now is clearly not taking into account the value of first opening up a cold one and pondering life’s great paradox.

If it’s worth doing right, then it’s worth doing tomorrow. Or possibly the day after that. Anybody who tells you different deserves to be slapped around the face with a defrosting piece of haddock. All hail the Procrastinatus t-shirt. Maybe.

Master Procrastinatus

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